About Us


Leighann's Coffee started back in 2010 and is located in the central part of Florida Keys, USA. It is run by a couple who share a love for freshener brewed coffee and magnificent baked goods. The location of the coffee house plays a critical role in its popularity. The aim of the coffee house is to make sure that people are able to taste some of the best coffee beans from around the world without having to actually visit the location.

Apart from this they also want to create a sense of community where people from different ethnic backgrounds can spend some quality time together and enjoy the day. The owners themselves take care of two of the major sections of the coffee house. These are, preparing fresh coffee everyday and the bakery part of it as well.

Besides they even focus on incorporating new items to their menu ever so often. This is done to make sure that customers have something new to try every time they visit. On the other hand, the owners also like to indulge in charity drives and bake sales where they can help people who are in need.


Furthermore, if you are someone who loves to see the art of coffee making then this too can be enjoyed at Leighann's Coffee shop. They have a live coffee roasting counter where you will be able to see how to roast a coffee bean perfectly.

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